We have around 600,000 Pcs /month capacity which will be enhance near future as we are growing our business, new constructions is in process.

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Sampling /Development

We have sampling hall to executes all phases of development and ensuring that our strict quality standards are carefully maintained.

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We have our knitting machines setup for fabric production, It is furnished be the world renowned knitting machines manufacturers from USA, Italy and Korea.

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Dyeing Unit

We have inhouse fabric dyeing and garment wash facilities , For this purpose we have trained commercial team staff to meet customer standards.

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Cutting Unit

We have equipped with auto spreader, cutting tables fabric. The company is planning to add further new technology auto cutter as well. We have cutting capacity more than 600,000 Pcs /month

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Embroidery Unit

We have embroidery facilities to meet customers specifications.

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Printing Unit

We have printing facilities to meet customers specifications. We have planned near future to setup advance printing technology with auto printing machines and fast techniques to print products which will be helpful to reduce our business lead time process.

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Stitching Unit

We have well established stitching floors with auto machines to produce defect free garments with the assurance of quality system. Eton hanger system is under installation. We have stitching capacity around 600,000 Pcs /month,

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Threading Unit

After stitching the products we have process of threading to make finish garment, for this purpose we using auto trims as well as manual thread trimming as per quality requirements. We have threading capacity around 600,000 Pcs /month

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Press Unit

Press is essential process to finish the garment, we have capacity around 600,000 Pcs /month

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Packing Unit

Packing is the last process before ship the garment, we have well trained packing team to meet the customer requirements. we have capacity more than 600,000 Pcs /month


We well know about value of having well trained and encouraged staff, we are investing in our employees to recognize ourselves as the leader in the industry.

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We are well aware to implement local laws and other labor standards for our employees heath and safety issues. We know it is essential to sustainable and profitable business.

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Manufacturing Facilities

We use state-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing process. Our core competence in the manufacturing processes driven by innovation helps us offer the best products to our customers.                                      

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Quality Policy

We are committed to meeting our customers needs and requirements. We are dedicated to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

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Our company has established in 1995 and growing day by day itself as a leading integrated knitwear production house in Pakistan.

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